Original Oils, Watercolors, Sculpture, & Drawings


Libby Smith has been a classically trained artist for over 29 years specializing in portraiture and figurative.  She loves to paint in oil and watercolor, but also uses many other mediums to express her intentions.


One thing that makes Libby Smith a bit different is that she is visually impaired.  She lost most her sight about 15 years ago, yet her work has increased in skill and beauty since.  She recently has been losing sight quickly so she has worked constantly trying to paint as much as possible "memorizing the world" while she still can. She knows time is short and has been transitioning quickly into sculpture and pottery while she still is able to set things up for her convenience. It has been a very painful and frustrating transition to start over as a beginner in a new medium, but she's determined to continue creating. 


Always specializing in portraits and figurative, she has branched out to include more subjects to celebrate the vibrancy of our planet and its inhabitants. Her latest oil series celebrated the magic in every human being, her Magical Beings series.  Knowing that her time is limited, Libby has been painting fervently the subject matter nearest to her heart, the beauty of humanity.  She shows the magic that resides in every one of us. 


Unfortunately, her sight is almost gone, and painting is getting to be very difficult, so every creation now is treated as if it is her last.  She is pouring everything into her final oil paintings. Everyone considers her work realistic, but she sees it as abstract. She can only "see" at about 1" away, which is an extreme close up of every brush stroke. When she steps away,  the painting disappears, blurring into the background. She uses her phone to take photos so she can get the entire image within her 1" viewing distance. In the average painting, she will take hundreds of photos just trying to see what she just painted. 


Lately,  she has been experimenting using a more tactile medium in preparation for total loss of sight. It has been a very frustrating and long road searching for a way to continue, but knowing it'll be like stepping back to square one after 40 years of work actively trying to master oils. She is still a beginner in clay and is trying to figure out where she wants to take it. 


She also is planning a series where she will be painting only what she actually sees.  This will document a portrait painter's journey into blindness called "Through My Eyes".  She is planning to document the upcoming series on her Patreon account,




Libby was featured in the Orlando Arts Magazine,  VoyageMIA, as well as on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel. Her art has been published on a book cover as well as in a book documenting the 35x35 show, which is in a permanent collection in a museum in Athens, Greece. 

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