Engineering is a virtue that lays between Arts, Science and Technical skills. As young students and engineers we want to contribute with our skills and time to help the visually impaired community. Many of the tools that enables them with access to information, education and other resources are very expensive.  


We are doing a formal research to understand the difficulties and actual needs that Low-income,  visually impaired people have. We will assemble, adequate and design if necessary, open source tools that will be given to them at No Cost. 


We believe that  everyone should have access to information, education and tools that allow personal and professional growth. We are working hard to provide the community with tools at No Cost because we truly believe in the amazing potential that the visually impaired community have. We are investing our effort and skills to open opportunities to our brothers and sisters because  we are going to build a better world together.



Team's Leader words:

Homero Daniel Rodriguez